(Dead)Jack apparated very early one sunny Saturday morning and told me I would have to be able to see him in different bodies. Then he disapparated as quickly as he had appeared. Time did not permit me to ask any questions of him. I filed this little piece of information in my memory and continued to get ready for my day. I should mention this happened in my washroom as I was putting on my make-up and doing my hair. My washroom is frequented by the spirit world often so today was no exception.

At 9:00 am four females arrived for four one-hour appointments. I was given first names only for each of my clients. A young woman named Nadia offered to see me first and so we began our hour together. She requested medium for her session for the whole hour and asked me who I got for her. Jack reappeared instantly and told me he would like to chat with Nadia. Jack told me he was her biological father and that Nadia felt he had had a special place in his heart for her. He said to me that she was right and asked me to relay this to her as her very first message. I did. Jack did not disappoint his daughter as a huge smile appeared on her face. When I looked back at Jack, standing on my deck right outside my treatment window, he looked like an old man; he had salt and pepper hair, more on the salty side, an age spot marked his right side above his eye approximately the size of a nickel, a goatee, neatly trimmed, no hair just on the top of his head, a scar on his left check underneath his eye and close to his nose and a cold sore on his lip. He was also carrying his left leg in his left hand. I described all of this to Nadia slowly and carefully as she would nod in agreement after each detail. I got them all right! I couldn’t be happier for Nadia to have her Dad visit with her.

My second client was the middle-aged lady in this group of women. Arlene sat down and was direct with me. “I want my husband…he died.” I told I was sorry for her loss and asked my spirit guides if her husband wanted to visit with us this morning. Jack appeared, walked into a closet door and exited on the other side of it in a new body. This younger Jack was darker haired, his goatee was solidly dark and he was noticeably walking with two healthy legs. “Oh,” I said “Jack had two legs when you met him and lost one leg while you were married to him. Is this correct Arlene?” “Yes. That’s my Jack you’ve got then.” “He was heavier when you met him than when he was just before he passed. He shows me a body that changes between when you first met and married him to what his body looked like when he passed.” “He also shows me he loses a tooth, one of the molars at the back,” I said to her. “Why yes Karen, he did though I don’t recall which molar in particular” Arlene confirms. Jack is showing me on the one side the closet a full set of teeth, then walks through the closet doors and exits, smiling at me and holding one tooth up for me to see. This process is to indicate to me that he lost the tooth and that there was just one.

Later in the afternoon, another daughter comes in to visit with her dad. Dominique sits cross-legged holding onto a Kleenex. When I look over at Jack, he shows me his hands; thick, strong, dark hair, dirty and short nails. “You remember his hands eh Dominique?” I ask her. She just nods quietly. Jack stands on the one side of the closet (before sickness) and shows me these hands, walks through the closet and exits. When he shows me his hands upon exiting they are thin, long-nailed, frail and blueish in colour. This time, too, there is an absence of a ring. When I relay all of this to her, she hangs her head and quietly cries. Jack motions for me to look at his hands again and they are back to healthy looking. “Please tell Dominique my hands are okay now. “Dominique your Dad wants you to know his hands are okay now.” I tell her, explaining everything that Jack showed me. “Really Karen? I would be so relieved to know he doesn’t look like that anymore, that he isn’t suffering, that he isn’t thin. So you’re saying he wants me to know he is okay?” she asks. “Yes, honey that’s right. He shows me before getting sick, during and after so you can understand he went through the whole process and is good again.” Jack is giving what each person needs to hear from him to feel better about his passing.

Our fourth female of the day is Elani. She is a completely different energy than the first three females entirely. During our time together I feel an overwhelming sense of rage. When I ask her guides what she is angry about, Jack appears. “Me” he states. The closet appears again and Jack steps into it as a fully grown man. I see him healthy in his first steps and then old, sick and feeble in the last two to three steps as he enters the closet. When he steps out the other side, I see a baby. “Well then Jack, this surely is your birth mother” I say to the baby. “Elani, Jack is your biological child” I began our conversation. “Of course he is. Why else would I be here?” Elani gruffly states. And now I understand the anger-sadness, the anger-grief, the anger-why does God do this to us feeling that fills the room. This is the anger of a mother who has lost her child.

Jack has given me his body in several different forms, each with qualities and attributes that each different family member is looking for to validate that it is him. He really does his best to come out of the closet in the right body with the right images for me.

This technique was given to me by the spirit guides one day and I have used it as often as possible.

I believe that we all have gifts and that it is important that we develop them through practice. I have been fortunate that the spirit world has given me techniques to use that have allowed me to gain accuracy and precision. But the most important thing I have learned in over five decades is that this is a relationship I have with them. It doesn’t begin and end in 30 minutes or one hour to suit a client’s needs. It is a relationship I love for every minute and every hour. I am fortunate to be able to share my minutes and hours with clients and to get to know their deceased family members and deceased pets.

I thought you might like to know how it can work …. A relationship with the spirit world. I look forward to sharing more with you next month.


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