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Karen’s Corner

Two Mediums, One House

*This is a re-post of an article Karen wrote for the magazine “North Bay Life” in 2017. My 27 year old daughter and I live together in our home, where we also operate two separate practices as mediums.  The spirits roam freely here making themselves at home; turning on the microwave at 2am, sitting on the toilet in the [...]

All The Feels

When I was a child I hated watching Hockey Night In Canada and in particular, I couldn’t stand watching the fist fights. I felt like the punches hit me personally. If the hockey player took a blow to the head, my head hurt. I felt so upset I could cry. As a teenager I had a hard time being [...]

What is an intuitive? Could you be one?

We all have six senses and most of us can use them with ease, but, some people do not or cannot. Intuitive people use their intuition through all of these same senses and like other “regular” humans they do not or cannot use all of them. If you are a clairvoyant, you can see things other people cannot. This [...]