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Kelly’s Personal Bio

I grew up talking to wolves and beings that most adults would swear on their life weren’t there. I got in trouble a lot for daydreaming and had a particularly difficult time waking up in Little-Kelly1the morning separating my dreams from how I felt about my day. I also spent every twenty minute nap time in kindergarten trying to figure out the mechanics of why I couldn’t fly like I did in my dreams (still disappointed in that one). I was a curious kid, fascinated by pretty much everything and that’s still true today. Even the wolf part. But somewhere in between then and now were all the ups and downs of what truly made me sure of who I am. I knew back then of course; I felt it, but life and time have given me a language- something I can use to share myself with you that might help you also discover part of who you are. Although, when you come to that discovery, you’ll realize the feeling was whole point.

I’ve always been an intuitive, able to accurately assess and tell someone his or her life story without having spoken a word to each other. I caught people in lies, spoke up to tell truths and had little patience for anyone living outside of integrity. Black and white. With an appreciation for colour, I might add, but certain that life was about choice- choosing truths or untruths. I quit jobs from companies who weren’t aligned with my integrity and fell in love at 20 years old with one company who got it. Now, the in-between that I mentioned earlier… there was a lot of in-between, and my life, like anyone else’s is most beautiful and makes the most sense in the jumbled up disorder in which I lived and relived it. Somewhere along the way, I quieted the beings I loved speaking with and roughed the institutions that crushed the things I was great at. So I got great at their things. Grammar. Math. Logic. Or something to that effect, never understanding the dull ache inside me. In my third year of university I decided I’d had enough. I picked up a part-time job at lululemon athletica and fell in love. I was introduced to goal coaching, core values and the idea of greatness. And that dull ache died. In that death was my rebirth, my remembrance of who I was and who I wanted to be. Three years, 22 courses and 18 professors into that psychology degree I realized what little, if any personality or life existed in the system. So I kicked it. I chose life.

Around that same time I was holding my mother accountable to do the same. She had been exploring spirituality and her own intuition, which sparked something in me as well. We would recall things from our respective childhood and how this sense was always sitting just below our consciousness even now, after all those years of being hushed. That’s when we started playing games with each other, testing to see how accurate our intuition really was. We discovered that we could share thoughts simultaneously, remote view locations we weren’t currently in, see events and people that would come into our lives before it happened and see inside bodies where people were experiencing pain or illness. And then we were speaking to the dead. To the souls, people and pets, with whom people loved and shared their lives. It wasn’t just remarkable. Or incredible. Or magical. It was that feeling I was telling you about, of knowing deep within you just who you are. That feeling that immediately diminishes no matter how beautiful the words are you use to describe it. I was me. All of me.

I should mention that I eventually finished that psychology degree, but only once I got back to being great at the things that came most naturally to me. School was still school, still outdated syllabi and boxy thinking and a lot of Freudian garbage, but the fire within me had direction and purpose. Everything I learned I envisioned how I it would fit into my life outside that concrete campus. I graduated and didn’t look back on the formal education system and instead, dove right into an education with new schools of thought and an aptitude for embracing individual fires and desire. I spent the following two years earning certifications as a Life Coach and a Holistic Health Coach to  complement the intuitive gifts I was burning to share with people.

And now I do. Honouring my core values: love, integrity, growth and greatness, I have integrated each one of my career paths in order to connect with others and contribute to a beautiful ripple effect around this world. Whether you are interested in the intuitive side of things, Life Coaching or Health Coaching, this soul work asks you to come back to your essence, back to the truth of who you are, so that you may live from this truth-centered space in each moment of your life. I am deeply passionate, unapologetically truthful and delighted every day that I get to help people fall in love with their own essence. It is my greatest joy to empower you on this journey, so please, come in and stay a while.

Hugs and gratitude,