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Making the Team (EP 103)

So many clients ask Karen and Kelly how they can identify if their own intuitive gifts are opening up. They are feeling ‘off’, over-stimulated, exhausted, having trouble focusing, experiencing increased anxiety around people and public situations. There are a number of common symptoms that these clients present with and all of them have an inner knowing that their connection to their own spirit is strengthening, which in most cases, makes the connection to other humans feel that much more abrasive and uncomfortable.

Today’s episode highlights just that- what it’s like when one begins to open his or her own intuitive abilities. As a mother-daughter medium team, the ladies are sharing client stories that explain the common signs individuals demonstrate as spiritual gifts begins to open and more importantly, they provide the tools that family members and friends can implement in aiding their loved ones during this transition!

“Making the Team” is a podcast to help everyone involved feel more empowered and loved for their role in this journey- whether it’s yours or someone else’s. There are family examples and classroom examples of how we can all be more gentle with one another, more conscious of our sensory experience and how we contribute to the comfort or (potentially) tremendous discomfort it is certain to bring us. Knowing the ‘symptoms’ can allow us to have more compassion for our own selves and for others and we can be better equipped with tools that help us decrease the level of anxiety that follows these changes.

Knowing how to love and better support ourselves and our loved ones ensures that we have strong connections and healthier relationships and this is often the single biggest contributing factor to our happiness and health as we connect to spirit.

So, whether you or the one opening your gifts or you are here in support and solidarity of someone you love, we hope you enjoy!

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast show, you and email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com.

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