What It Means to Shut Down Your Gifts (EP 91)

Intuition is a human thing. There are no “chosen ones”, only ones who choose to accept the full human experience.

In this week’s podcast Karen and Kelly are illustrating the ways in which we as humans experience dis-ease or dis-satisfaction with ourselves and our own bodies when we choose to shut down our own intuitive abilities. Touching on a wide range of physical symptoms, relationship blocks and mental challenges- you will see the potentially devastating effects individuals experience each time they deny an intuitive moment in their lives.

Karen and Kelly hope to encourage you in your own journey of discovering (or rediscovering) your intuitive abilities. Whether you receive your own messages through sight, audio, touch, taste, smell or inner knowings, you are, without a doubt, always able to access your own intuition to live a more fulfilling life.

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast, you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

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