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Meet Karen

Karen SarloThe business of death has been in Karen’s family now for four generations. Born 6th of 9 children to one of North Bay’s more prominent families at the time- the McGuinty’s, Karen spent most of her childhood and teenage years both living and working in the family’s funeral home. It was here that Karen’s intimate journey or relationship with death began. From the time she was a little girl and for decades afterward she’s been bombarded by messages from the spirit world with the opportunity to bridge communication to us here on Earth.

Having been raised in a very strict Catholic family, it has been a long and isolating journey of self-discovery. She has endured the very necessary process of shedding many of the beliefs imposed upon her to be able to discover and combine the beautiful, fundamental beliefs of all religions and spiritual laws, which is love, in order to create the remarkably inclusive belief system she now operates on.

Leaving behind what feels like an entirely different lifetime of 19 jobs, 5 career changes, and a 29 year marriage, Karen has nurtured herself into a completely different woman. She knows firsthand what it means to feel the spirit die before the body ever does and so she works with a focus, an efficiency and the utmost integrity to deliver the Universe’s messages to you, wasting no time reintroducing you to your own soul and the love it holds for you. Gifted, humble and raw with truth, Karen works and speaks this way on behalf of the spirit world because she loves and honours them as much as she does us humans.




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telephone: 705-471-3804

Compliments for Karen

Compliments for Karen from J.L.

Good evening Karen. In February I came to see you about a dream I had where a silver circle had a gold coloured square inside. The square broke into many smaller squares and moved [...]

Compliments for Karen from Nic

I was having some unpleasant dreams last night and you came to show me how to stop them. I wasn’t sure if you’d be conscious of it this morning. It didn’t feel like it [...]

Compliments for Karen from Julia Lennips

Hello Karen, Last year I came to you because I had really bad digestion and anxiety. You suggested going to the Martin Clinic in Sudbury after you did some energy healing. You suggested I [...]

Compliments for Karen from N. Walsh

Many people doubt that what a medium or psychic have to say bears any truth. Skeptics try to dismiss their messages by saying the medium/psychic is expressing things that apply to many people or [...]

Compliments for Karen from Naomi

I met with Karen a few weeks ago and wanted to just reach out to you to express how much your session helped me. I now see how much of a people pleaser I [...]

Compliments for Karen from Ingrid

I used Karen's medical intuition and was most impressed. We are separated by more than 6000 km and she identified my problem. She came up with a strategyfor me and my doctor. She gave me [...]

Compliments for Karen from S. D.

What makes Karen unique for me is that she gives me tools and spiritual guidance to grow, not just words. But when recording the sessions those words have been gold and like having free sessions [...]

Compliments for Karen from Archie M.

Finding out about my birth father was never more important to me than when I started having medical issues my physician and I couldn’t figure out.  Through Karen, I got the information I needed [...]

Compliments for Karen from Ronaldo V.

Up all night with  my crying baby for 1 whole year finally ended when I took him to see Karen.  Through her medical intuitive gifts, she told us what was causing his crying and [...]

Compliment from Carole for Karen

Lately, I've been thinking about you, and the things that you've been helping me with in our treatments, specifically surrounding codependence. I always thought I "got it", but it was just in [...]

Compliment from Susan for Karen

As a health care practitioner, I believe we need to think differently about what impacts our health and optimize other modalities for healing. Karen’s sessions offer me the opportunity to expand my [...]

Compliment from Michele C. for Karen

I had the pleasure to meet Karen and walked away in awe of how she was able to describe my present surroundings. Karen spoke of listening to the surrounding trees, to connect [...]

Compliment from Penny T. for Karen

I’ve looked to Karen Sarlo for her insights for many years. There are times when I know something about myself, but need validation. Karen’s insight always gives me what I need. There [...]

Compliment from Greg H. for Karen

All in one hour….that’s all it took for Karen to flip my world right side up.  She said it truthfully, kindly and right to the point.  I recorded every word and have [...]

Compliment from Mani for Karen

I live in Dubai. I found Karen Sarlo in my dream. She even told me her name and then when I woke up, I googled her. Turns out she is a shaman/healer. [...]

Compliment from Alisha F. for Karen

Connecting with Karen’s soul is an absolute delight. She generously shares every aspect of who she is with every individual who walks into her life. She lives a genuine life, and this is [...]

Compliment from Christy for Karen

Hi Karen, I want to thank you for our last session(while back). I never realized how much sense it all made until I came home and shared the session with my husband. [...]

Compliment from Laura S. for Karen

You were bang on with Jim’s muscle/abdomen issues. He went and saw an Osteopath and she diagnosed the same exact 3 areas you told him needed work. Jim never mentioned what you [...]

Compliment from Rachel V. for Karen

I never understood why my best friend of 30 years dumped me. It has been something that has left a painful, angry hurt within me. When I gave Karen my best friend’s [...]

Compliment from Judy.B. for Karen

I have had the privilege to experience numerous readings with Karen over the past 3 years. Karen is 100% accurate and extremely helpful with many different questions pertaining to my life like health, [...]

Compliment from Katie M. for Karen

My daughter saw Karen for a year, once a month for one hour. Kylah was severely depressed and isolating herself more and more every day. After just the first visit we saw an immediate [...]

Compliment from M.W for Karen

Mom had been an invalid for 8 years when I met Karen at an event I attended. Karen spoke about her gifts and how she uses them to help people heal, communicate and give [...]

Compliments from Jim for Karen

As a 22 year veteran and experienced investigator, my life was based on physical evidence and provable fact. I hit a serious roadblock while researching a part of family history, and there were no [...]

Compliments from Penny for Karen

I’ve seen Karen regularly for several years to help me navigate through the choices and challenges of everyday life. From relationships, to business, to health, and getting to know the spiritual world better, all [...]

Compliments from Pauline for Karen

Karen is truly a gifted individual, in my opinion 100% competent, concise and accurate. She told me things that only a handful of people would know. In particular, Karen told me of issues from [...]

Compliments from Kristal Spiess for Karen

I am writing this letter about my personal experience with Karen Sarlo and how it has enhanced my yoga practice and my students’ yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and [...]

Compliments from Cathy for Karen

My name is Cathy and I have had the honor and privilege to be client of Karen's as well as have her work with special needs students in my classroom. Shortly after the sudden [...]

Compliments from Monique for Karen

Our lives and hearts stood still on August 29, 2009 when our 18 year-old son Kyle was gravely injured in an ATV accident that left him paraplegic. His condition was further compromised a few [...]

Compliments from EA’s for Karen

We’ve had the opportunity for the last year to work with Karen in a professional setting. She has assisted us numerous times with non-verbal children by lending them a voice in affirming their discomforts, [...]

Compliments from Danyka Anthony for Karen

I am a Registered Massage Therapist and have been treating non-verbal children for a number of years. Over the last year, I have had the privilege to work together with Karen and these children. [...]

Compliments from Wendy for Karen

My journey with Karen has been an amazing one, to say the least. She is absolutely the most gifted, loving, truthful and supportive person I have ever met. The death of four of my [...]

Compliments from Mitchell for Karen

When my best friend’s father passed away suddenly sending flowers just didn’t seem enough. Instead I arranged for a channeling session with Karen. Through Karen my best friend was able to say good-bye, tell [...]

Compliments from Terry for Karen

My spiritual journey with Karen began in 2007, after the death of my husband and father and with Karen’s most gifted ability of healing, channeling and the depth of truth thru journeying and the [...]

Compliments from K. Doyle for Karen

Karen’s connectedness to spirit and her ability to see the truth allowed me to move from survive to thrive through my divorce. She awoke in me the greatness the divine intended for my life [...]

Compliments from Andrew W. for Karen

There have been periods in my life with a chaotic rhythm. There was a helplessness to these phases; a complete lack of control. But the worst element of these episodes was the hangover of [...]

Compliments from Karen for Karen

Children are vessels of light, love and spirit and at times they need assistance to process what they feel. Karen is able to guide and wake the spirited child to self-understanding. Authentic education starts [...]

Compliments from Emily H. for Karen

I came to Karen Sarlo a sad, confused, and lost human being. I've always had weird dreams about people I didn't know, was highly sensitive to energy, and experienced weird encounters with the spirit [...]