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Karen and Kelly Sarlo

We’re excited you’ve found your way to our site! While we work separately for the most part, we’re both in agreement that the most fun we have is when the two of us come together and hopefully you’ll get a feel for that as you navigate through these pages. This site was designed with two main purposes: 1- to provide you with more opportunities to connect with us and 2- to educate yourself about these beautiful gifts you are interested in.

Around this site you will find our heartfelt bios that give you just a tiny snapshot of who we are as women, you’ll see the types of workshops and events the two of us host or facilitate which will help you understand the different opportunities for you (or your business) to collaborate with either one of us, and most exciting of all, you’ll see two entire sections dedicated to answering all of your questions both in vlog (video log) and podcast format! Not to mention, there are ample photos and audio of us throughout the site so that by the time you’ve booked your personal session or committed yourself to our workshops and events, you have a better sense of feeling like you already know us!

Our intention in bringing this site to you is not only to educate our clients and answer common questions people have before wanting to see us, but to provide you with another level of comfort in knowing that what we do and how we do it is done with love, respect and integrity for our own souls and yours.

Hugs and Happy Dances,

Kelly & Karen

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