Men’s Month – Music (EP 80)

Continuing the exciting discussions surrounding men’s issues during Men’s Month on Coffee with the Sarlos, the ladies are joined by professional musician and local guitar teacher, Eric Treleaven. During this podcast Eric discusses the important emotional influence music has in each one of our lives, whether it’s from an active or passive participation. He touches on the creative and mathematic components of how the brain divides and unifies in order to learn to play an instrument and sheds light on the social acceptabilities and taboos regarding the men who play music- whether it be in a garage full of friends or in the music industry itself.

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be musical, this podcast is an excellent resource for understanding how music helps individuals emote, access memory, process and heal. And in the case of many young boys and men who might not yet know how to verbally communicate where they are at, observing and understanding their selection and involvement in music is one way that you can learn a lot about what the men in your own life are feeling and experiencing.

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