Men’s Month- Pelvic Health (EP 81)

Welcome back, MJ Forget- local physiotherapist and Pelvic Health specialist! Continuing the mens theme for the month of January, this podcasts focuses solely on men’s health issues pertaining to the pelvic floor. Pelvic Health is still largely believed to be a women’s health issue and is wildly overlooked when it comes to men’s health. MJ joins Karen and Kelly this week to provide listeners with a better understanding of how the pelvic floor operates for men, she breaks down myths about related health issues and treatments and thoughtfully describes what men can expect when they seek help from a pelvic floor specialist.

With hopes to stimulate far better conversations regarding men’s pelvic health issues, this podcast was created for educational purposes so that men can take better care of themselves, partners can more compassionately understand what their other half is experiencing and for parents who can take better care of their sons.

If you have any questions or comments about today’s podcast or would like to submit your own idea for a show, you can email Karen and Kelly Sarlo at Enjoy!

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