THE MJ You’ve Been Hearing About (EP 66)

Today is a big day as the girls welcome local Pelvic Health specialist, MJ Forget to the show! If you’re a client or an avid listener of the show, you will have heard all about the famous MJ. It is both Karen and Kelly’s pleasure to be sharing her with you today.

In this hour-long podcast MJ breaks down her profession for listeners by first defining what she does, outlining the reasons that people seek her services and helps listeners identify the symptoms both men and women typically present with that indicate her services are needed. You will hear about the different pain experiences in men’s and women’s bodies as well as the similarities. MJ also provides excellent tools and visualizations for listeners to identify with their own muscles to gain better self-awareness of the body.

If you have questions or comments about today’s show you can email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

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Resources from today’s show

You can check out or reach MJ at Gateway Physiotherapy here in North Bay, ON. Or you can find a physio in your area who specializes in pelvic health.