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Music Mondays

How to Seek Truth in the Era of Fake News

World renown journalist, Christiane Amanpour talks about “Fake News” and the importance of telling the truth to our everyday lives and for our planet as a whole. Whether you watch the news or not, Christiane’s talk can be relative [...]

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes

Gregg Braeden explains in this video how healing cancer in 3 minutes in a drug-free hospital in Bejing, China is currently being accomplished. Absolutely lovely to watch and to know this is one of potentials as human beings. Maybe you [...]

The Cruelty of Narcissists

Melanie Evans explains WHY your narcissistic partner/parent/person is so cruel to you/your children when they are “such great guys/girls” to everyone else in their lives. This explanation is simple and to the point, eliminating the crazy-making that the narcissist [...]

How to Deal with Gaslighting

Ariel Leve gives it to you straight up on how to survive a relationship with someone who is gaslighting you. Gaslighting is emotional abuse. You (the victim) is often left feeling confused about your own reality, your own opinions, [...]

Best Violin Music

Can't cry? Are you stuck in your anger? Or do you appreciate beauty and talent? If you answered yes to any or all of these, this piece is for you. I'm delighted to share it with you too. [...]

A New Love Declaration

Ervin Laszlo is an integral philosopher, system theorist, founder of the Club of Budapest, who brings a holistic perspective on the individual, society and the world. In this talk Ervin stresses the importance of Love for the world at [...]

What Do You Think When You Look At Me?

More important than ever, Dalia Mogahed’s talk explains, educates and articulates what is happening to our societies, individuals and realities. Please educate yourself and be a human who is making healthy, humane decisions. It is important that what you [...]

Reiki Healing

Start each day with this piece of peace. If you are in chaos, anxiety or are grieving, listen and feel. If you can't feel it, play it a second time. You will shift what needs to be so that you [...]

More Relaxing Harp Music

Breathe. Relax. Let go of the stress in my body. This calming piece of music is tranquility at its best. I hope you listen to it both on days you need it and on days you can just appreciate [...]

Get Your Happy On

Wanna get your happy on? The energy of both the music and these musicians is contagious! It's fabulous.#musicmonday

Imagine- by Pentatonix

Goosebumps. I'm at a loss for words to describe how beautifully Pentatonix captures John Lennon's song in their version of Imagine. Surely he smiles whenever he hears this. I hope you do too.

Morning Guitar

Here's to a gentle, easy morning and what's hopefully a gentle, easy week! Be excellent to each other! #musicmonday

Relating with the Birds

I listen to this piece with my sister Fay. She lives in a nursing home. Fay has always been a big bird lover. We read and look at bird books together and listen to the calls of the birds. [...]

Being Brilliant Every Single Day

So you thought you were smart? Or maybe you just were made to think you are always wrong and stupid when in fact YOU are the brilliant one. Listen to find out which one you really are. #musicmonday [...]

Deuter ~ Petite Fleur

This made me cry with joy. It put into form how I see people and nature. What does it do for you?

Why Veterans Miss War

Given to us from a veteran of war, we want more people to understand why repositioning themselves in civilian life is so difficult.  

Twist Again!

Oh my god the fun!!!! Get out of your chair and move! #musicmonday

Impostor Syndrome

We invite you to ask yourself if you are contributing to the impostor syndrome. Dena asks the listener excellent questions to help you learn what kind of language you use and explains how it affects your listener. An excellent [...]

10 Ways to Have A Better Conversation

If you have to deal with a human being at some point in your day; then take 10 minutes to listen to this Ted Talk. It will greatly improve your quality of life. It is so worth every minute. [...]

Liquid Mind

Seriously, this turns your mind into liquid peace. #musicmonday

Unforgettable Auditions

We're definitely guilty of getting lost in YouTube videos for hours. Happy auditions for aspiring people are some of our faves. #musicmonday

Coping With Rejection

Can you cope with rejection? Do you teach your children to learn to cope with it? Do you see a society around you that encourages and supports you in healthy ways when you are rejected? This Ted Talk is [...]

All the Moves!

We adore this video of male dancers. All levels, all the enthusiasm and all the fun! #musicmonday

Twilex Dance

We are firm believers in therapy. We are also firm believers in dancing it out!

Medicine Dance

A male choreographer. Two male dancers who have endured near death experiences. A story about two brothers- one hitting rock-bottom and the other there to support. And ALL the feels. Enjoy!

The LXD: Elliot’s Shoes

We love The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and we love Harry Shum Jr. even more. Check out the extraordinary creativity, energy and dedication to craft in this video!

The Best of Music Monday 2016 – ZUMBA!

“You’ve consistently pushed the relaxing music to the top favourite spots, but you held the top position for… DANCING! We’re happy dancing with all of you on this beautiful Boxing Day!"

The Best of MusicMonday 2016 – Shamanic Journey

"At #3 for #musicmonday we’ve got the infamous song ‘Shamanic Journey’ that we’re sure you’ve all heard in your sessions. Turns out you’ve all appreciated the beautiful assistance of music to help you journey into other realities. How exciting!" [...]

The Best of MusicMonday 2016 – OMG Delta Waves!

“Coming in at #4 for #musicmonday is 'OMG! DELTA WAVES!’ Turns out ya’ll got pretty excited at the idea of sleeping well. Sounds like you’ve been listening to us talk about all the hard and important work you do in [...]

Prop Me Up

Mediums have a sense of humour too! And so do your loved ones on the other side! #musicmonday

Honouring the Birds

For our beautiful bird lovers and for our clients who have been so fortunate to receive messages from their loved ones as birds in our backyard or yours. We honour all of the birds today.

Second Hand News

Song: Second Hand News Artist: Fleetwood Mac Because what better way to starting your week? #musicmonday

The Peaceful Warriors’ Way

One of my favourite authors, Dan Millman gives a TED Talk at Berkley. You can learn a lot from him in his talks and books... slowing down the crazy chatter in your mind. Give him 15 minutes to change your [...]

The True Mirror

Stop looking at yourself and start looking for yourself. #musicmonday

Higher and Higher

When love is right in all the healthy, non-codependent ways... this song says it all! #musicmonday

I Just Called to Say I Love You

Say it! Don't wait for the perfect timing. Just say it. You can't control the outcome but you can control how you feel and how you express yourself. Talking is an essential part of healing. So say it. #musicmonday


I used to wish people health, wealth and happiness. Now I just wish them Delta Waves. I think that effectively covers the previous three. -Kelly  

Pregnancy Music for Brain Development

Hey Mom-to-be: Help your baby's brain develop. Listen to quality music to raise your baby's IQ. Turn off the radio and listen to- you guessed it.- classical music for the two of you to enjoy. It's healthy for both of [...]

Music to Help Relax Your Body

Eating wheat? Refined sugars? Then you'll need this song to help you release all that inflammation in your body...and it will help you sleep too. #musicmondays  

Relaxing Harp Music

If you haven't tried to heal yet through music or just relax today, then it's definitely time to listen to this piece. There is something incredibly soul-healing about the harp. Enjoy! #musicmonday

Franz Schubert- Ave Maria For Violin

Franz Schubert surely had an ear on the other side when he composed this one. If you are looking to heal, tune in to this and let it happen. No need to "work" on releasing old hurts; this song just [...]

Mozart ‘s Greatest Violin Piece

This musical piece can bring you to cry or joy, whichever you need to feel. If it's both, then you're welcome! Enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea... I suggest listening to it alone at least once. #musicmonday

Harp Relaxation

Song: Harp and Relaxing Music for Meditation Artist: Pablo Arellano If you're in need of giving your office space a spa-like feel, here you go. Harp always does the trick. #musicmonday

Can’t Stop!

Song: Can't Stop the Feeling! Artist: Justin Timeberlake ...because we've left this sucker on repeat for weeks now and we can't stop dancing. Also this #musicmonday covers an obvious #mancrushmonday You're welcome!


Song: Zumba Campaign Video Artist: Dom Omar Oh my goodness can he dance .... Bruno Mars, move over- Dom is in the house! Also, if you can't resist dancing to this song, you may want to check out The Studio [...]

Monday Morning Dance Party!

Song: Make A New Dance Up Artist: Hey Ocean! We can't stop playing this song and dancing. It makes us's just that easy. #musicmonday  

Fill Up Your Bucket Today

Song: If I Were a Ship Artist: Hey Ocean! "Because music is love in search of the words."  I like this song because I can actually sing to it and because it makes me feel light and energized. It filled [...]

Shamanic Journey

Song: Shamanic Dream Artist: Anugama My first song to take me into other realities… As a shaman, this song brought me home and helped me heal. Now I use every day to help other heal too. #musicmonday


Video: Shots of Awe Artist: Jason Silva Technically it's not music, but it is music to our ears. Wake Up human! Listen to it every morning and I promise you, you will change. You will remove your blocks and live [...]

Breaking Codependency

Song: My Give A Damn's Busted Artist: Jo Dee Messina A great song for the codependent person who is breaking the pattern. You go girl/boy...... #musicmonday