Pets-Christmas Hazards, Connectivity with Pets (EP74)

Karen and Kelly are pleased to welcome back doctor of veterinary medicine, Karen Barnes for yet another podcast show! Dr. Barnes joins the ladies today to discuss common hazards for pets that are found around the home at Christmastime. As many people are well into the celebrations of the Christmas season they want you to be well informed for the health sake of your pet(s)… and perhaps your wallet’s sake when it comes to treating these unfortunate encounters!


In the second part of today’s show the women gleefully discuss the emotional connectivity that pets provide us as humans. Surrounding a time of year when there is tremendous pressure to enjoy (or simply endure) the company of friends, family and co-workers, it is a great reminder that content introverts who prefer the company of their pets are certainly not alone in their feelings! Any animal lover will appreciate the genuine care and consideration with which this podcast was created, whether you’re a Christmas person or not!

As always, if you have questions or comments about today’s show or ideas for podcast topics in general, you can email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

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