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Remote Viewing

I didn’t know I would one day learn to find missing people. I didn’t go to school and tell the guidance counsellor that I wanted to find missing persons by remote viewing them. My eighteen-year old self wouldn’t have been able to imagine this, even in my wildest of dreams. I didn’t go to university or college to acquire this skill, but like so many life skills, this one developed with time, opportunity, patience and a whole lot of other things.

I could always see things that weren’t actually happening. But you don’t realize this at the time. It takes time to figure out you are right. It takes courage to say to someone “Did you throw up this morning?” and it requires their honest answer “Yes I did. Twice” for you to get your affirmation that what you saw actually happened.

When I receive this affirmation, i have two choices. I can disregard it and not pay any attention to it. The second is to take notice that I am correct and to pay attention to what happened. I can give it importance, acknowledge it, and create a desire for it to happen again. I can be prepared that when it does I will be ready to act again.

Let me set the stage for you: I am showering. While washing my hair, I see an older woman with greyish red hair being stabbed with a knife in the back while she is sleeping on a brown and blue couch. I continue to watch and observe what is happening in my vision while I continue to clean my hair and finish my shower. I get out and dry off and go about my business of getting ready for work.

At 1pm that day, a client arrives and after finishing the consent process I ask the client if they are here to ask questions about a woman who has passed. “Yes’ is their reply. I continue. I ask the client if the woman had reddish-grey hair and was an older woman. “Yes” is their reply. I continue. I ask the client if she was found on a brown and blue couch face down. “yes” is their reply. It is this back and forth process with the client that allows me to know if I am accurate or not. It allows me proceed or to tells me when to stop (I am inaccurate).

It is because of this process and the willingness of so many clients that I am able to confidently continue this process every day.

This process has successfully been used now in developing this skill to remote view. I use it daily (dozens of times) to practice a psychic gift and turn it into a skill. As with any skill, the more you practice, the better you get at it. It also is super fun. It is also super terrifying at times too. It also comes with tremendous responsibility. It is imperative to be ethical and compassionate while using this gift/skill.

I have chosen to ask my spirit guide if and when I am allowed to use it. It’s my way of making sure my ego doesn’t make the decisions. In the past I have learned that if my ego is in charge, I can make mistakes in giving accurate information to the client. If my guide is in charge, my accuracy rate is high. That’s a huge thing to know…because being wrong could hurt the client and that is not my intention. My ego can’t be more important than the client’s needs…ever.

Remote viewing skills have allowed Kelly and I to help find many missing people and pets. It requires a great amount of energy to do this, especially when the process takes us days to achieve. We may receive remote views many times in an hour or day or we may remote view while we are sleeping.

Kelly and I can remote view the same person at the same time as well. We can work together to confirm what we are seeing. I think it’s amazing that a mom and daughter can share an experience like this. I think to0 it’s good for people to see it happen. We worked together one night all through the night to help a search and rescue team locate a missing little girl. We were all fortunate that she was found alive and healthy. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to use these gifts in such a way as to contribute to something like this.

I’ll write more articles on remote viewing and finding missing people and pets in more articles. If you wish to ask questions, you are welcome to. I will answer them in the articles for you.

Email me at karen@karensarlo.com if you would like to know more!

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