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Sips of Sanity

April 2018

Welcome to Sips of Sanity, April 2018 Edition! 

We are asking listeners to consider setting an intention for Spring- a season of freshness and beginnings- to look at each aspect of your lives and ask yourself: Do I have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? It is so easy for us as humans to get into routines in all areas of our life and never question cause and effect, happiness or staleness, too much sacrifice for not enough reward.

Monday through Friday you will hear Karen and Kelly touch on five different areas of life and provide you with practical examples where we have more opportunity than we think to question, evaluate and consciously choose our behaviours and expectations. We are moving toward Growth Mindset so that life as a whole can become more full!

Karen & Kelly

If you have questions or comments about the shows, you can email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

    RE: SoS Identifying Bad Patterns (January 2018 – EP1)

    Good morning ladies.  Nice SoS podcast this morning.  I’ve found that once you make the decision to address a bad pattern and actually work on it, other patterns are more easily identified  (assuming you have more than one you are willing to admit to).  Then you actually become anxious to sort them out as well ( and you get to learn about patience).