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Sips of Sanity

July 2018

This month’s mini-series of Sips of Sanity is dedicated to People Pleasing. Karen and Kelly are dedicating the week to examining the most important preliminary pieces of identifying yourself or others as a people pleaser. In episode one you will be asked where you sit on the pendulum of people pleasing. Episode two breaks down the factors that condition us as individuals to become people pleasers. Episode three discusses the ways that our unhealthy behaviours feed into our (often) narcissistic counterparts while episode four sheds light on the way people pleasers tend to self-abuse. And finally, episode five outlines your rights and responsibilities, not only as a people pleaser, but for individuals in general. This month is a call to action for listeners to identify themselves and their behaviours accurately and to implement healthier habits for healthier relationships.

Karen & Kelly

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          RE: SoS Identifying Bad Patterns (January 2018 – EP1)

          Good morning ladies. Nice SoS podcast this morning. I’ve found that once you make the decision to address a bad pattern and actually work on it, other patterns are more easily identified (assuming you have more than one you are willing to admit to). Then you actually become anxious to sort them out as well ( and you get to learn about patience).


          RE: SoS People Pleasing- Feeding the Narcissist (July 2018 – EP 3)

          OH MY GOD you might as well have tagged me in your podcast today as it described my past relationships to a T. Listening to it, I had that feeling when you find the missing piece to a puzzle. Talk about having an A-HA moment.

          Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your gifts with us!! You’ve had such a positive impact on my life and countless others!

          Maia W.