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Sips of Sanity

January 2018

2018 is starting off with a kick- and the thing that’s being kicked are our bad patterns! This month’s Sips of Sanity is inspired by the New Year- resolutions, revolutions, goals with soul, whatever you call it- Karen and Kelly are aiming to help you first identify your bad patterns and then to provide you with the proper tools to make productive steps forward. 

Whether it’s into the New Year, out of a relationship, upwards in a job or toward your desired feelings, the movement itself is important! Karen and Kelly are just making sure that you are equipped to evaluate the quality of movement you make!

Enjoy the first-ever Sips of Sanity for the 2018 year! Grab a pen and paper and get cracking with note taking so you can strategically implement all those good habits you’ve been intending to start! Sips of Sanity is a source of support and Karen and Kelly are breaking things down into manageable pieces so that you know this movement is possible!

If you have questions or comments about the shows you can email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

    RE: SoS Identifying Bad Patterns (January 2018 – EP1)

    Good morning ladies. Nice SoS podcast this morning. I’ve found that once you make the decision to address a bad pattern and actually work on it, other patterns are more easily identified (assuming you have more than one you are willing to admit to). Then you actually become anxious to sort them out as well ( and you get to learn about patience).