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Slow Sex Simplifies

The good news is that Slow Sex simplifies things.  It throws out all expectation about what her orgasm should look like and how he/she is going to give it to her.  It takes the pressure off, for both men and women.  It makes room for everyone and every possibility.  Whether you’ve ever had a traditional climax or not, orgasm awaits you.

Nicole Daedone
Slow Sex

Many women do not enjoy sex and most never experience orgasm.  As a result, a woman can feel disconnected from herself;  her emotions, her body’s messages about to her about her health and what feels good, bad or even safe.  For some women, this lack of connection can lead to anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of lethargy.  Sexual health is one equal part to all of the remaining parts of our human experience.  To ignore it is like trying to ignore your leg and thinking life will be just fine.

In Slow Sex, Nicole Daedone gives women hope.  In teaching a woman to understand and learn about her own thoughts, beliefs about sex, body image, anatomy and communications skills, you can develop a toolkit to create the change that is necessary to have complete sexual freedom and  healthy sexual experiences.  Of course, a healthy experience only comes with awareness and the time one is willing to invest in practice.  Daedone gives the reader tasteful visuals to explain the anatomy and the pleasure spots.  Her book is intended to teach with taste, wisdom and with an openness that will allow the reader to settle into their comfort zone in their own time.

She explains and promotes what she calls Orgasmic Meditation (OM).  In short it can be described as a practice (not unlike your yoga practice or gym routine) because it requires attention, awareness, time, patience and education.  All good things.  So why don’t we take the time to actually read a book like this and invest in ourselves.

Ahhh that brings us to what a typical woman believes about her value and in particular what she believes (or prefers not to think about) about her female parts.

While men are taught to think their penises are something to brag about, women often won’t even look at their sexual organs.  The idea of having someone (never mind herself at first) looking at it and talking about is horrifying.  So it is not uncommon for many women to pick up this book and put it right down.

Kelly and I encourage you to pick it up and read it….slowly.  Don’t be in a rush to discover yourself.

Daedone gives you vocabulary, a tool to create discussion.  But before any great discussion with a partner, you first need to discover you..intimately.  Your only way to know what to tell a partner what you like is to know it first or to be open and confident enough to discover it together.

If you don’t have successful, delightful orgasms then read Slow Sex and if you do, but you would like to delve deeper (no pun intended but that is actually funny) into your orgasmic pleasure, then this could be a lovely (educational) book for your night with a cup of tea by the fire.

We are big on education, as you know, and your sexual education is an important part of your healthful lifestyle.


Karen and Kelly Sarlo

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