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SoS Children- Parenting (August 2017 – EP1)

Welcome to Sips of Sanity for the month of August. We are excited to bring to you five episodes that focus all of our attention on the multiple ways our services can benefit children. Hold tight if you don’t have any young-ins still roaming around the nest – these episodes are for parents, extended family, pseudo aunts and uncles, teachers and generally all adults that might have a run-in with a child at some point this week! This month is a particularly important month as we are focusing on the basic rights of children and they are:
To be Heard
To be Seen
To be Validated
To be Safe
To be Loved
To be Helped
To be Protected

All broken adults are children who have had their rights violated and our intention with these episodes are to educate adults about how to better care for and attend to the needs of all children. To clearly articulate your role and to supply you with tools that allow you to facilitate these basic rights more effortlessly.

Episode one stems from a beautiful client story of a father who sought our services so he could find out with the soul contract is between himself and his two children. His intention for the session was to find out how he as a father could help his children reach their fullest potential. He asked his guides for the tools to provide for them and he inquired about the boundaries that he would have to respect in order for his children to learn on their own. Regardless of bloodline, his story illustrates a remarkable intention for respect and love between souls.

We hope this month’s episodes spark wonderful new conversations around the dinner table with you, your partner, your friends and perhaps even your colleagues. We all have a huge responsibility to the children of this world and to provide these rights to the child within our own selves.

If you have questions or comments about today’s episode you can email us at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode on non-verbal children.

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