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SoS Medical Intuitive- The Benefits (June 2017 EP5)

Welcome to Sips of Sanity for the month of June 2017! This month Karen and Kelly are presenting 5 quick little conversations about being Medical Intuitives. Some of the most frequently asked questions throughout their careers have been about what a Medical Intuitive is and how it works.

In the final episode of Sips of Sanity Karen and Kelly touch on the many benefits clients receive from an experience with a Medical Intuitive. While some benefits are obvious in that a Medical Intuitive can identify aches and pains that you are already aware of, the not-so-obvious benefits can include receiving information about where and why pains and illnesses originated in the body, direction for course(s) of action to take in treating or caring for yourself or loved one, and understanding the physical, mental and emotional blocks of individuals who are struggling to cope with their conditions (ie. anxiety/panic attacks, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, etc.).

Being a Medical Intuitive is an endless potential of providing others with peace of mind, relief and empowerment. Karen and Kelly hope you’ve enjoyed the week!

If you have questions or comments about today’s show, you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com

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