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SoS Mothering- Fathers Who Mother (May 2017 EP2)

Welcome to Sips of Sanity for the month of May. In honour of Mother’s Day coming up, Karen and Kelly are focusing on the beautiful ways that mothering exists in our day-to-day experience. Whether you are the one mothering or the one being mothered, the hope is to bring acknowledgement to the different kinds of mothering and celebration to all the mothers in your life- including yourself.

In episode two, Karen and Kelly highlight the wonderful ways in which fathers provide mothering in our lives. The ladies showcase some of their male friends who have done exceptional jobs at embracing their feminine energy in order to nurture their loved ones whether it was out of necessity or plain, human compassion. There are wonderful lessons to be learned from the ways men adapt to the yin and yang energies and provide nurturance to both the men and women in this world.

Enjoy the month of May Sips of Sanity! Stay tuned for episode three about women who mother their husbands!

If you have questions or comments about today’s show, you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Thank you!


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