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SoS – Qualities for Living a Full Life- Honesty and Integrity (March 2018 -EP1)

SoS March Qualities for Living a Full Life

One quarter of our experience in this lifetime is our own intuitiveness, so if we are not actively participating in our own intuition there is no chance that we can experience a truly fulfilling life. No chance- there. We said it.

This month’s Sips of Sanity episodes are focused on identifying the qualities that are necessary for you develop in order to live a full life. They are also focused on delivering the tools and activities you can use in the process of developing these qualities. Monday through Friday you will receive little tidbits of information so that the energy you put into self-development will specifically and efficiently target your Honesty & Integrity, your own Body Awareness, Self-Reflective Tools, Confrontational Skills and Communication Skills that allow you debrief and process your own experience. 

Happy Healing!


Karen & Kelly


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