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Sunday Funday

Office View

Sometimes it's difficult to get outside on the nicest of days. So Karen planted this beauty right outside our office window for a lovely view! #sundayfunday

The Escape

Spent the morning on the water with my best friend and the incomparable Ryan Marshall who snapped this shot of Amanda and I with our paddle boards. No better way to enjoy the sun if you ask us!#sundayfunday [...]

Dinner of Champions

Black bean and quinoa burger with beet pesto sauce topped with avacado and broccoli sprouts. Peach dressing for the salad. Full bellies and healthy cells! Starting the week off right. #sundayfunday

Cupboards and Cuddles

Every corner of the cupboards have been cleaned and its time for cuddles. #sundayfunday  

Birds and The Bees

Staring out the window at the birds & the bees this evening. Appreciating how hard they work.

No Rest For The Wicked

Just kidding. We f^#£ing love our jobs! Couldn't be more excited to continue bringing more podcasts to you- even if it means working on a Sunday!  #sundayfunday   


Cookies are fun any day of the week. But we saved baking them for #sundayfunday

Settling In

After the big move, Parker is settling right into his new apartment. Back to work tomorrow though! #sundayfriday

Mother’s Day Weekend

Spent Mother's Day weekend in Ottawa together witnessing the incomparable Jim Jefferies at the NAC and eating the most decadent cupcakes from Ottawa's Cupcake Lounge! Happy Mothers' Day everyone!

Sunday Feast

Good eats with wonderful friends. #fundayfeast #sundayfunday    

Couch Snuggles

Couch naps and snuggles with the fur baby on this rainy Sunday.   #sundayfunday

Homemade Pad Thai

Karen's in the kitchen cooking up some homemade Pad Thai. Yum!#sundayfunday

New Teal Stools

IKEA stools and spray paint on the deck on this warm, sunny day. #sundayfunday

Bar Stools

Another successful trip to IKEA today and brand new bar stools to show for it! #sundayfunday


Tostadas and coffee. Happy Sunday morning! #sundayfunday

Princess Curls

Princess curls for Karen, courtesy of Kelly,  while we drink coffee and chat. #sundayfunday #qualitytime

Chip Dip

We're loving us some veggies and dip today. Laying low and hitting the comfort food! Thanks Heather Treleaven for the recipe! #sundayfunday

Braids and Beaches

We're ready for winter to be over. Today we are staying in, braiding hair and dreaming of the beaches that we live on in the summer months! Thankfully we've got more daylight! For now, we nest. And we braid. [...]

Fridge Magnets

We logged onto Fox Print today to order custom made fridge magnets! All our favourite photos can now be used on our fridge! Hello more pictures of Parker... #sundayfunday

Baby Parker

Awww Reminiscing. This was Parker nearly 2 years ago on the 28th when we first met and fell in love! Looking back through old photos of our little gentleman and superhero. #sundayfunday

Sunday Is

Sunday is Funday. Today we are hanging in the office, taking notes and planning the rest of 2017. Yes, we said "the rest of" because we got too excited last year to leave any details of what we love [...]

Roll Of The Dice

"Good ol' fashioned fun today. Slow and easy and only slightly competitive! #sundayfunday" 

Gentle Finish

Finishing up my January book (Toxic Parents by Susan Forward) and making sure I surround myself with gentleness as I continue the hard work that's required for the best kind of inner growth. #SundayFunday

Light and Glitter

Decorations are down, but the tree stays up for light and glitter. We're beating the January blues! #sundayfunday


Spending this Winter Wonderland of a Sunday snuggled up inside with two of my favourite men! #menembracingmen #sundayfunday


It's the time of year again... Desire Mapping and finding our Fire from Fire Starter Sessions and Passion Planning the year with our beautiful agendas (and coloured pens of course)! #sundayfunday

The Best of SundayFunday – My Main Squeeze

“We are wishing you the Happiest of Christmases and celebrating our #1 post for #sundayfunday this past year; how fitting that it’s our beloved Parker?! We’ll be reenacting this exact positions several times throughout the day today and hoping that [...]

The Best of SundayFunday 2016 – Peaceful

“#3 in our #sundayfunday category is Peaceful. We’re thrilled that you love our living room changes as much as we do! It’s been an honour to have our clients wait in the peaceful, safe environment we’ve created within our [...]

The Best of SundayFunday 2016 – “Stretches”

Of our Top #sundayfunday posts, number 4 is “Stretches" with our beloved Amanda Cooley and dearest Parker! Turns out there is a strong theme of posts you’ve made as public favourites and that includes when Karen and I take [...]

You Spin Me

A little decorating and Christmas surprises for Momma Bear. A new turntable and some old records to set the mood! #sundayfunday

Christmas Baking

Baking up a storm of Christmas goodies with two of our favourite women. #sundayfunday


Sitting back, relaxin and enjoying the new colours in our home. Soaking in the peaceful, easy feelings in our space. #sundayfunday


It appears we have one and ONLY one member of this family who is excited about Halloween! #sundayfunday


I'll wrap anything for anyone. I love it. I also love Christmas...clearly. #sundayfunday

Brain Food

Teasers like these keep your brain sharp as you age... Doesn't matter which one of us is doing it, what matters is brain health! #sundayfunday

My Main Squeeze

Post wedding (for friends) snuggles with my main squeeze on this rainy Sunday. #SundayFunday

Food Prep

Mmm it's gonna be a good week with good eats. #sundayfunday


Guess whose beating who? #sundayfunday

The Birth of Podcasts

Karen works hard to journal things so she won't forget your stories. We sit down in front of the mics, fire up the system and she chooses from dozens upon dozens of beautiful sessions with clients. This is how our [...]

My Supplier

Hi my name is Kelly Sarlo and I am a stationaryaholic... #sundayfunday

Up the Wall

Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall. Parker's not too sure about it, but Karen's got this. Stretches and snuggles to follow. #sundayfunday

Protein Balls

Toasted coconut on the stove. Ready for some protein ball production so we've got healthy snacks throughout the week. If they last the long, that is... #sundayfunday

Constant Correction

Life is about constant correction, training and retraining the brain (and the dog). All this work we do contributes to having the life we love. Today we train. #sundayfunday

SUP Convo

Parker was a patient listener as I studied and relayed new information to him about paddling techniques and what it means to be a great coach.#sundayfunday

Time Out

North Bay Waterfront... we come here when we're happy and sad, when we celebrate each other and need to get out of the house from one another... cause you know, sometimes it's hard living with someone who can read your [...]

Twiggs Break

Raspberry Iced Tea and a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. #sundayfunday OBVIOUSLY!

Naps All Around

Parker put himself in his crate, so Karen and I took his cue and tucked ourselves too. #sundayfunday

Dream Team

Check-ins with the experts are a great way to make sure we're still on the same page and moving forward together. We like to ensure that there are still lots of high-fives and hugs in our business process. Business weekends [...]

SUP Board Warrior Program

Come out and join Amanda's new SUP Board Warrior Program. Have a look! You don't have to look too closely to see both of us having a blast! #sundayfunday  

Currently Sexy

Staying current on sexual education including physical health, how-tos and great communication techniques. If you're intrigued by this, check out podcast episode 46 called Good Vibrations for a wickedly hilarious story and some great resources! #sundayfunday

Work It

Sometimes our day off is the only chance we have to catch up on work. Good thing #sundayfunday still applies to work!

Down Time

Seizing the opportunity of a "spare moment" to catch up on reading for pleasure. #sundayfunday


Early morning stretches with my instructor/friend/pseudo-daughter Amanda Cooley. Supervised by my Granddog, of course. #sundayfunday


Gearing up for our mini-vacay to Ottawa together. We leave first thing tomorrow morning! #sundayfunday

Coffee in the Sun

Thank you to one of my beautiful clients who handcrafted this mug using a quote from one of her sessions. #sundayfunday having coffee with you in spirit