Swoon! (EP 87)

Rewind to An Evening with Mediums Event back in December 2016: Karen and Kelly were hosting one of their three events of the year at the Hampton Inn and the first message delivered that evening went out to a shy gentleman in the back of the room, Bertrand, who had been missing his deceased wife, but really only came out with the humble intention to hear other people’s messages of love around Christmastime.

Present day for this episode of Coffee with the Sarlos: Karen and Kelly recount the beautiful messages that came through that December evening that allowed Bertrand to feel the exceptional love he and his wife shared all over again. “Swoon” is a love story about Bertrand and his wife Joe-Ann who worked hard at maintaining romance and energy in their relationship.

This is the story about the kind of love you thought went extinct and there message of the heart in here for everyone!

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**A direct note from Bertrand**

The following notes are to clarify statements made within this podcast that may have been miscommunicated on my part and for which I would like to give further clarification.

During one of the conversations between Karen and Kelly where they are discussing remote viewing of Joe-Ann’s office (later converted to a bedroom), the words “make shift bed” are used to refer to a specialty bed for cancer patients enabling a person to rest more comfortably and alleviate as much pain and discomfort possible.  For accessibility reasons as Kelly mentioned, it could not be fitted into our bedroom.
Joe-Ann enjoyed returning home from work and on many occasions, make her way to her office, close the door, and sing several songs to relieve the tensions of a stressful day.  However, before making her way to her office, Joe-Ann would greet me, as Karen mentions, with these three beautiful words “Bonjour mon amour”.  Joe-Ann would also greet the kids if they happened to be at home and also greeted our dog ” Ace” who insisted having his moment with Joe-Ann before she made her way to her office.
As Karen mentioned in the podcast, Joe-Ann was receiving Reiki treatments and on several occasions fell asleep during the treatments.  During these moments of rest, Joe-Ann would have visions of her grandchildren.  After one of these treatments, Joe-Ann decided to start knitting blankets and such for our grandchildren with the intent to one day hold them in her arms wrapped in one of her blankets.  Unfortunately, she was unable to finish them all but her sister graciously did for her.
From the day she was diagnosed with cancer, Joe-Ann never accepted that it would take her away.  Joe-Ann strongly believed that she would beat cancer, intended to fight it all the way and remained positive throughout her journey.  Joe-Ann was also looking forward to the “Thank you” party we would put on, after she had beaten cancer, for all the people who supported her, helped her and who had been positive motivators during her journey.  On the last day of her journey, Joe-Ann asked to see her boys.  A few hours later, surrounded by her family, Joe-Ann began a new journey to the other side.