Gill’s Version of Value (EP 193)

Gill is pretty certain she isn't valued. And it's just not true! Today's episode of Coffee with the Sarlos is [...]

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia and Other Gifts (EP 187)

If you loved the first episode about Mirror-Touch Synesthesia then you'll definitely enjoy today's episode of Coffee with the Sarlos! [...]

What It’s Like Finding Missing People (EP 186)

Every now and then Karen and Kelly receive a phone call from family members of persons who have gone missing. [...]

The Root of Nina’s Depression (EP 185)

The root of depression is never just about the current situation. Depression is often rooted in our past and expressed at [...]

The Best of 2018 – Coffee with the Sarlos – What It Means to Be Self-Absorbed- with Nina Brown (EP 169)

Today is another milestone for both Karen and Kelly! World-renown and bestselling author Nina W. Brown is on today's episode [...]

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