What It’s Like Finding Missing People (EP 186)

Every now and then Karen and Kelly receive a phone call from family members of persons who have gone missing. [...]

The Best of 2018 – Coffee with the Sarlos – What It Means to Be Self-Absorbed- with Nina Brown (EP 169)

Today is another milestone for both Karen and Kelly! World-renown and bestselling author Nina W. Brown is on today's episode [...]

I Might Be Dead, But I Haven’t Bailed (EP 181)

Here comes another beautiful, heartwarming medium story for the month of December! Today's episode of Coffee with the Sarlos tells [...]

Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Mothers and Babies with Katrina Neil (EP 178)

Dr. Katrina Neil is on for her second appearance on Coffee with the Sarlos. Today she discusses the importance of [...]

Sturgeon Falls Evening with Mediums Event 2018 (EP 176)

After their first Evening with Mediums Event at the Sturgeon Falls River House Museum Karen and Kelly are sitting down [...]

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