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Terry’s Mother (EP 109)

Terry’s Mother is not someone you’re about to like, but you’re going to want to hear her story!

This week’s episode of Coffee with the Sarlos is a story of a mother who can’t love. You did not misread that sentence. She cannot love. And in a client’s session (Terry), her mother is channelled through Karen to explain to her exactly why that is.

Terry’s mother used to say things like “Everything is your fault. If anything bad happens, it will be your fault.” and she has the opportunity now to hear where her mother’s fearful way of living and parenting came from. She hears from her mother the detrimental effect her words have on Terry’s way of observing and interacting with the world around her. Most importantly Terry learns about the underlying belief system she has held her entire life and how that has influenced every pattern of behaviour and type of relationship she has engaged in.

Finally, Terry gets to hear from her mother, “I’ve changed.” It’s something we struggle to understand as humans, that once a person has passed, they grow. Her mother works hard during her session to illustrate the ways she has grown in order to just now validate and partner her daughter. Terry finally gets her apology.

Today is a story about many people’s lives. There are many pauses throughout the show so you can allow things to sink in and for tears to flow. And if you find yourself in this story, be gentle with yourself.

If you have questions or comments about today’s show you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

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