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Our Thanks

These are the beautiful people who help us deliver our website, podcast shows and services to you!  We want  to share them with you because they are exceptional at what they do and we believe they deserve credit for their talents.


Amanda Cooley

Here is the familiar face that will be greeting you at the doors of our events- Miss Amanda Cooley!

Amanda will be managing the line up at the door to each event. She will be the one to take your name or receipt for admittance and directing you to your seat(s). She will be available if you have questions or concerns leading up to the event and she will also be available afterward to purchase tickets to our next event if excitement and momentum grabs you!

Evening with Mediums Events
Amanda’s Podcast (EP14)
Amanda’s Podcast (EP60)
Amanda Cooley

Mark Critchley – Musician

Mark Critchley is a Vancouver based musician, who grew up in North Bay. He composed the peaceful jingle to our podcast shows. Mark currently plays the occasional piano house concert. His website is www.markcritchley.ca and he also has a music facebook page open to the public under his name with a cover photo of a himself and a cat. He can be reached through facebook or by email: m_critchley@yahoo.com. 

Mark Critchley

Mark Critchley

Kari Loyst – Owner of Whitespace Creative

Love our logos? Kari designed them all! Kari Loyst is the owner of Whitespace Creative. Established in 2007, Whitespace Creative is a visual communications studio specializing in graphic/web design services for business, including branding/identity, corporate communications, and advertising collateral. Her website is www.whitespacecreative.ca


Kari Loyst

Ryan Marshall – Photography

Ryan Marshall is a full-time high school teacher, coach and musician and to top that off, he is also an incredible photographer whose work can be found all over our site. Ryan is an absolutely hilarious, fun, spontaneous man with a meticulous eye and work ethic for what he loves. He is contracted for work in the North Bay, Sudbury and surrounding areas. If you wish to contact Ryan, you can do so by calling him directly at 705-840-9973 or emailing him at theryanmarshallshow@hotmail.com


Eric Treleaven – Musician

Eric Treleaven is an exceptional musician and the cofounder and owner of North Bay’s own Compass Music Academy. If you’ve been listening to our podcast shows then you’ve had the pleasure of hearing him on his acoustic guitar! Eric offers private lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele and can be reached through his school at 705-995-2030 or by email at learn@compassmusicacademy.com.

Eric’s Podcast (EP80)