• The Emotional Intelligence Workbook by Jill and Derek Dann

The Best of 2018 – Fireside Friday – The Emotional Intelligence Workbook

EQ or EI is your emotional intelligence. If you don’t know that already then you should be the first person in the line tomorrow morning at Chapters to pick up this gem. Going through life on planet Earth without your awareness tool kit is like scuba diving without an oxygen tank….it ain’t gonna happen, at least not well.
Jill and Derek give you a workbook style approach to discovering your own levels of awareness and other’s too. So if you are in any kind of a relationship, at all, then this is a must-read, unless you think all of your relationships are perfect…and then you need a book on narcissism. LMAO.

This book is full of questions…intelligent ones that help you re-frame your approach, your attitude and your intention. Enough said, buy it. And then leave it on the lunchroom table at work.

You’re welcome.

(See my intention is to help you, not control you. You get the books, read, think, work, change and be. And I get to enjoy you, not try to change you so I can like you.)

You can find it at Chapters: The Emotional Intelligence Workbook by Jill and Derek Dann

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