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The Best of 2018 – Karen’s Corner – Marley and Luna’s Spirit Helper

You’ll hear a lot about Martin in these blogs because he is one of my favourite humans, ever. While his physical body leaves him with severe limitations (Martin has severe cerebral palsy) his spirit lives far beyond what the average human could begin to imagine. This blog is about one of these experiences with him, a truly extraordinary and heartwarming one.

Every first Friday of each month I visit Martin in his home for a personal session with his massage therapist, Danyka. During our hour together I voice record all of the messages Martin wishes to relay to his mom who listens to the sessions when she returns home from work. Danyka gets to hear what Martin wishes to say to her in her role as his massage therapist and often times, on a personal note too. His messages (telepathically) are often related to his health issues, his family issues, and everything he is experiencing. Affirmations fly all over his room as he often tells me things that his family doesn’t think he knows about!
On the first Friday of September I was on my drive up to his home when my cell phone rang. I heard in my head “pull over and answer it” from a male voice. So I did and parked my car, turned it off and answered the phone.

Danyka was on the line telling me that she had a crisis and would not be available to be at Martin’s appointment in fifteen minutes. She informed me that she walked down the stairs to find her two little dogs chewing on a medicine bottle. The pills were scattered all over the floor. Her veterinarian told her to bring the little dogs in immediately as no one could confirm if they had swallowed any pills or not and that they would have to empty their stomachs immediately.
I instantly heard in head a voice say “they did not ingest any pills”. I asked Danyka for permission to give her a physic message and she replied yes. I told her the Marley and Luna had not eaten any pills but to continue on to the vet. I also said I hoped that the information would help her with her stress that morning and would she be able to let me know later if I was correct. She agreed and left with the dogs and l continued on to Martin’s for his session. artin and I sat in his sun room on this beautiful late summer morning alone together with the voice recorder running. Martin talked about his wheelchair and how it was fitting him. He talked about his muscles and how he was able to let certain muscles relax because of how the chair fit him. About 30 minutes into his session of me listening to his thoughts and relaying them to the voice recorder Martin burst into a huge smile and made a laughing sound. I asked him out loud what he was up to and his grin grew even bigger. He was very proud of something but I didn’t know what yet.

My cell phone went off beside me. Normally I don’t answer a cell phone during sessions but this time Martin’s laughter and messages told me to answer it.
Danyka had texted to say that the veterinarian confirmed that Marley and Luna had not consumed any of the drugs. The message for her had been correct!
As I was reading the message in my head Martin whooped and broke into a bigger grin. He told me (in my head again) that he was the spirit who gave me the message to give to Danyka. He asked me to call her and tell her so.

I did.

Martin and I called Danyka and told her he was her messenger and that he loved her. It was his turn to take care of her and Luna and Marley. He was so proud of himself.

He asked me, after our call, to tell his mom. He wanted her to be proud of him too (not that she isn’t enough already). He said he wanted his mom to know what he had been up to that day. He said he wanted to share his day with her.
I did.

I took two pictures of him smiling broadly and sent them to Danyka and his mom. I texted his mom and asked her to listen to the session as soon as she had time. And true to form, his mom said she would.
I could write a book about Martin as I have so many stories of the beautiful soul that he is.
I hope to continue to share this remarkable man with each of you as often as I am allowed.
I hope each of you re-think how you handle your thoughts, your intentions, your actions and your words not just with people with physical and mental challenges after reading this but with every single person as there is a little bit of Martin and Karen in each of you. Take some time to think about it and then get playful!

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