The Best of 2018 – Karen’s Corner – What is an intuitive? Could you be one?

Karen SarloWe all have six senses and most of us can use them with ease, but, some people do not or cannot. Intuitive people use their intuition through all of these same senses and like other “regular” humans they do not or cannot use all of them. If you are a clairvoyant, you can see things other people cannot. This can include seeing people who have passed over (a medium), events that haven’t happened yet (prophetic), and generally all kinds of things that don’t actually exist in your current reality. It’s fun and affirming when an another clairvoyant person can see the very same things you do and it’s incredibly exciting to do it with someone you love. It makes your relationship with them stronger and more fulfilling. Hearing things in your mind is clairaudient and incredibly helpful. This gift can allow you to hear the truth, lets you know when someone is lying to you, supplies you with information and helps you by adding to your skill set. Business people, athletes, police officers other professionals benefit greatly from learning to develop their intuition. Coaches want intuitive players because connecting to your teammates makes you a more valuable asset to your team. You make less mistakes and have a better sense of where your teammates are and where they are going to be when you need them. Parents already know the many benefits of staying connected to your intuitive abilities. In particular parents are highly attuned to their gift of clairsentience (your gut feeling). When we first fall in love this gift is highly charged and extremely wonderful to use. When you feel your partners pain when he/she hurts himself/herself or when you feel your child’s nervousness when they are writing an exam, you are experiencing clairsentience. It’s also commonly called empathy or being an empath. It’s important to know your own body and your own feelings when you are an empath or it can be confusing and difficult. If you practice these abilities you can become a vital and valuable member of your family, organization and friend group. When you have an inner knowing that something will happen, what someone will say before they say it or do it, you are tapping in to your gift called claircognizance. This is the most common and most widely accepted of all the gifts. We love watching a movie where the detective follows his “suspicions” and is right! This is a great example of someone trusting this part of themselves. We all want to see these gifts be accurate and get the affirmation to know we are correct. Our fear to be wrong, in big or small ways, can hold us back from playing with these aspects of ourselves. It is important to be kind to yourself as you open up to discovering your own abilities. Doing so with curiosity, gentleness, and a willingness to be wrong and try again is imperative. There a great games you can play with your family, friends, co-workers, nature or just yourself as you embrace these gifts. Do you have one? Or more? Seek out the help of an experienced intuitive to help you sort it out. These qualities in each of us are nothing to create anxiety over; instead, they are a loving and instinctual part of us we can use for survival, growth and to help us thrive within our families, social groups and in our careers. Being intuitive makes you an asset to those around you and definitely brings more fullness to your own life.

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