The Power To Heal – The Afterlife Experience – Never Have I Ever

Kelly and I chose 5 podcasts to guide you in healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. We hit you hard in the first show with information on the forms of verbal abuse because we know what you hear can do one of two things to you: nurture or destroy you. Listen carefully to the first show and create an emotionally intelligent toolkit for yourself. There’s no better way to start healing than to have a healthy toolkit for communicating.

In the Afterlife Experience: Never Have I Ever podcast Kelly and I offer clarity and truth about dying and the afterlife so you can heal your unhealthy, false beliefs allowing you to free up your thoughts and energy for the things that truly need it. Who can’t use some healthy energy?

The Self Abuse of People Pleasers is an eye opener for the people pleasers in our audience and the people who love them. Kel and I chat about why pleasers think it’s a good idea to people please (to get what they want/stay out of the line of fire/to be liked by everyone) and why they should stop (tell the truth/be themselves/set boundaries). These people often don’t even know they are self-abusers. Isn’t it interesting to see and understand how putting other people’s needs before your own all of time can be self-abuse? It isn’t always, so you need to know the differences.

Growth mindset is a lovely podcast that is uplifting, encouraging and packed with positive ways you can learn to change your thinking. No matter how young or old you are change is a choice. Learning is a way of life for a healthy, individuated adult. Find out if you are actually an adult or if you have stunted your own life experience. If you have fallen short, then keep listening as you can learn how to break your pattern and join the rest of the healthy adults.

So many of you heard of the Law of Attraction (Abundance) but never knew there were so many other universal laws. Knowing only one is like building a house with a hammer….not too successful or fun! In this show you learn about how wonderful processes are and how tremendously beneficial they are to you too!
We hope you enjoy this series of podcasts chosen for you and your health.

Karen and Kelly

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