Tools for Parents of Children with Intuitive Gifts (EP 95)

Countless inquiries have come in over the years regarding children who are experiencing non-human entities, witnessing deceased family members they have never met or feeling disturbed by the visions and auditory bombardments in the state between waking and dreaming. While there are numerous resources in book stores and various cultural practices you can familiarize yourself with, Karen and Kelly decided to offer parents a free resource that provides practical tools to engage your children in the experience to help change their perspective and understanding of their own intuitive gifts. The intention is to shift the emotional response to these gifts from fear to love.

This near-hour-long podcast addresses all kinds of intuitive gifts that young children encounter and the potential complications they create within the family unit (ie. interrupting sleep, creating fear in other family members, etc.). After each example the ladies provide practical tools parents (teachers and extended family members and friends) can help implement so that these children grow up feeling safe and loved while they explore their intuitive connections.

While the podcast is directed at parents, you can draw all the parallels to adult life and the relationships that occur for all of us- be it friend, partner or coworker. And perhaps, you might be able to put a few tools in your toolbox for your own experiences!

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast you can e-mail Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

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