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The Power To Heal

Make New Friends

Make new friends. How refreshing will it be to start fresh with a new friend! It could be a wonderful time to begin new relationships.

The Unhealthy Person

The unhealthy person will not acknowledge their behavior so don’t even expect it. Focus on your own behavior even if it drives you crazy to hear they are lying. Stay focused on your own life. Stay focused on your [...]

Focus On

The unhealthy person will not acknowledgment their behavior so don’t even expect it. Focus on your own behavior even if it drives you crazy to hear they are lying. Stay focused on your own life. Stay focused on your own [...]

Be Defiant, Be Resilient

Be defiant, be resilient. If someone tries to gaslight you; say no and stand your ground. Know what your truths are and remain steady. Repeat yourself as often as necessary.

Stay Angry

Stay Angry – Allow your anger to help you set new boundaries and enforce them. Allow your anger to help you stand up for yourself and use your voice. Learn about healthy anger …. Develop it. [...]

Don’t Change Your Story

Don’t change your story. If you know the truth….repeat yourself and Don’t Change Your Story. Let the liar stew, convince, lie and manipulate people. This is exactly why you are leaving. Stay truthful and become an expert observer. [...]

How you can be more assertive?

Be honest. State your beliefs, boundaries in a calm, firm way. Don’t whine, complain, yell or pout. Just be extremely clear. Now that’s empowering. Don’t argue. It’s not necessary. If you think it is, then you are speaking to [...]

What Is a boundary?

An emotional boundary is seen in what our limits are and how we enforce our limits.  A limit can be what we feel is appropriate to us or what we think is safe for us.  You’ll know someone has crossed [...]

That’s retarded. That’s gay.

You mean to judge something or someone and you mean to let everyone know about it.  You are being negative, to say the least, and you most certainly aren’t adding anything positive to a conversation. You mean to say [...]

Referring to older people as cute.

You may think this should make them feel good, that you are complimenting them.  But you aren’t.  You may be dismissing them and not realizing what you are doing and consequently how you may make them feel. Take a [...]

I know exactly how you feel

You may think you do….and you may be wrong.  But how would you know if you start talking about your experience thereby shutting them down? Are you making assumptions?  Are you making this about you instead of listening to [...]

The Power To Heal – Sodalite

The truth stone.  Sodalite helps you balance your brain and your life by helping you speak your truth.  And truth can be spoken with kindness, gentleness, firmness, certainty, boundaries and with politeness.  It is not necessary for the truth [...]

Self-Awareness Begins With You

Ask yourself, Do I have the time for this? Do I have the energy for this? Does this cross any of my boundaries? Take time to assess instead of reacting quickly to things. Practice this often and then it [...]

Be Choosy

Be choosy. When you are healing something/some situation in your life, be choosy who you wish to share your time with. Be aware of energy vampires who drain you. At the end of spending time with someone, ask yourself [...]

Apologize Sincerely

Apologize sincerely about what it is you can find to be sincere about. If you don’t regret what you did, but can feel (empathize) that it hurt someone and you can be sad/remorseful/concerned that it affected them negatively, then [...]


Extraordinary healers are excellent with patience. Patience with boundaries; not patience with fools! Are you dealing with a fool or someone worthy of your patience? Just because you are related doesn’t automatically put them in the worthy category either. [...]

Set Healthy Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries.  If you truly want to heal, you must know what your boundaries are.  If you don’t, slow down.  Pay attention to when you lie, avoid, distract, change the subject.  These are clues you are not setting [...]

Set Boundaries

Abusers do not deserve your respect.  They need to earn it back, step by slow step.  Do not people please them and skip the steps of repairing your relationship because of your own need to be liked by everyone.  [...]

Listen When You Are Being Spoken To

Listen when you are being spoken to. If you don’t want to, then politely interrupt and leave the conversation. You have choices. Talking over someone else only shows your narcissistic side, your need to have your opinion/information shared. It says [...]

The Power To Heal – Gemstone – Selenite

Selenite is an overall powerhouse of a stone. It will help you communicate with the spirit world in a positive, healthy ways. Place it in your home, on your person, at work as it is also beautiful. Ask the [...]

The Power To Heal – Gemstone – Green Aventurine

Green aventurine allows your subconscious to emerge and with it your connections to your spirit and guides. You and green aventurine can heal your heart center through forgiveness for yourself; your decisions, your actions or inaction, your words and [...]

The Power to Heal – Gemstone- Green Serpentine

Green serpentine helps you with your thinking…getting your priorities straight, setting healthy intentions and learning about yourself so you can grow with your soul and with other humans too! This stone helps you connect to your deepest emotions and [...]

Gemstone – Moss Agate

Moss Agate has the energetic powers you are looking for to trace your connections back into your ancestry and past lives. Set your intention to go into your past lives to learn about your qualities, your lessons and your [...]

Gemstone- Verdite

Verdite helps you with perseverance…and you are going to need it on this journey back to your soul and the spirit world. Our society and social media has made our relationship with the spirit world seem silly, or false and [...]

EQ Toolkit

Self soothing is comforting oneself when you are upset for any reason.  It is a critical tool to have in your emotional intelligence toolkit.  Here are some ideas for you.  What do you want or have in your EQ [...]

Relaxing Harp Music

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy your healing experience than through music. We’ve selected 5 pieces for you to use. Each was picked for different reasons. Enjoy.#thepowertoheal Read More of The Power To Heal [...]

Shamanic Dream

This piece is my personal favourite when I want to journey for healing purposes, to meet my guides, to re-energize my chakras, to connect to the spirit world and my higher self. I hope you find it helps, guides [...]

Targeting You

They may not even realize that they are being verbally abused nor how it is impacting them. A person who has been slammed with verbal abuse may feel like giving up, like dying. Their emotional pain and mental anguish [...]


Calm, trust and acceptance are the most common things you can use this beautiful lepidolite stone for in your life. Without these qualities you can be left feeling stressed and anxious, so this stone is great for people with [...]

Manganoan Calcite

Do you wish to be more open to receiving love? Manganoan calcite is known for helping you open your heart to receiving love from others. This is a lovely stone for parents, people-pleasers (remember they tend to want to [...]

Rose Quartz

This stone is most commonly associated with the heart area. It’s importance lies strongly in healing the heart and helping us with self-love. Wear it around the neck, ears and on the hands…or carry it in a pocket and touch [...]

Gemstone: Prehnite

Struggling with self-worth, self-esteem issues? Are you trying to overcome and heal from issues with addictions? Prehnite is a gorgeous green stone that can help with all of these challenges. It’s healing properties help with your second and third [...]