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Upcoming Events

Due to illness, this event has been moved to October 26. Your ticket is still valid, however if you cannot come on October 26, please contact the Sturgeon River House Museum for a refund.
Wheel of Life Workshop

This 2 hour workshop is an introduction to the benefits that Life Coaching can offer you. You will learn quick tips for self-evaluation that will strengthen your decision making process as an individual, partner and/or parent.

December 14 2018 Sold OUT
Evening With Mediums
Evening With Mediums Event
Evening With Mediums Event

Kelly and Karen,

I attended an evening with Mediums last night and just wanted to express my gratitude to both of you.

I was anxious going into the evening while trying to be open to whatever was to come for myself and others.
I left feeling loved and energized. There were unexpected messages that forced me to self reflect in the best way possible.

 I came home and told my husband “The most amazing thing just happened to me!” After explaining the series of events to him and crying out of pure joy, I couldn’t really find the words to sum up my feelings other than “it was so… Cool!”

North Bay is so lucky to have you-thank you for sharing your time with our community.


*ps I love your podcast 🙂


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