What are my boundaries? Oh God help me….because I don’t know!

Take time to be still and write down your boundaries. Think about a situation that has recently happened or happens often where you express no boundaries at all, then write down what you would like them to be. Write down statements you can make to someone when this situation happens again. Practice this with someone ahead of time so you can become comfortable with your new statements.

“I am uncomfortable being with you when you have more than 2 drinks. Your behavior changes and I won’t tolerate it. You can continue to drink but I will not be around to see it.” Then follow through. Keep your word every single time.

It’s Boundary month!  If you don’t know what your boundaries are, then how do you know when someone has crossed them?  How do you Begin to enforce your boundaries when no one knows what your boundaries are?  And why should they respect your boundaries when you clearly don’t or you keep moving the boundary line constantly?

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