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Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions for both Karen and Kelly are offered in a variety of ways depending on your location, abilities and needs.


skypephone59We conduct our sessions via:

  • In-person in our treatment rooms
  • Telephone
  • Skype/FaceTime



For those who are able bodied and in town (or willing to travel), sessions take place in one of two treatment rooms within our home. For people who are not physically able to come to us (needing wheelchair accessibility, weather issues, or living outside reasonable travel distance), you always have the option of a telephone treatment or to connect via Skype or FaceTime for something a little more personal.


Length and Fees for Personal Sessions

30 Min Personal Session
Sessions Methods:
60 Min Personal Session
Sessions Methods:
90 Min Personal Session
Sessions Methods:

Sessions begin and end on time, so we ask that you arrive promptly for the time you book.

Personal sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis, but exceptions are made for differing circumstances. If you wish to book a session with another person or a group, we encourage you to call either one of us so we can grasp the full intention of the session and find a solution that best suits your needs as well as the others you are wishing to bring.


To our valued clients, please be advised that fees will be increasing as of January 1st 2018. Half hour sessions will be $70.00 and full hour sessions will be $125.00 Prices still include tax. We thank you for continuing to value us as your practitioners!


What Do You Need to Bring?

Just your lovely self. And maybe a sweater if you tend to get chilly, but nothing really! Our gifts do not require you to bring clothing, jewellery or mementoes of your loved ones. Your only job is to come with an open heart and open mind for this experience.

You may wish to bring a recording device if you would like to have your session recorded. You will be required to know how to operate your own device before we begin the session.


Please Practice Common Courtesy

We are welcoming you into our home and we appreciate it when you treat our space with as much care and consideration as we do. No food or drink while you are waiting or during your sessions. Please treat the bathroom with respect. And no smoking on or around the property.


How Do I Pay?


Cash or cheque for in-person sessions.
Credit Card for in-person and long-distance sessions.
eTransfer for in-person and long-distance sessions. MUST be completed prior to your session. Transfers are emailed to whomever you have booked your session with, or and the password is always “medium”.
PayPal for in-person and long-distance sessions. MUST be completed prior to your session and in CAD funds.
Payments are emailed to whomever you’ve booked your session with, or

*if you are paying by e-transfer or PayPal, the payment must be completed before we begin your session.

Did you know we also have gift certificates? Get one today for that special someone.

Just give us a call.

Gift Certificate Karen
Gift Certificate Kelly

Where In The World Are You?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is if clients need to be with us in person to receive messages accurately and as you can see on this beautiful map, no you don’t! These intuitive gifts are already being shared with clients all over the world by telephone, Skype or FaceTime!

Help us out by sending the two of us a quick email to let us know where in the world you are! It means the world to us (pun intended) because it helps us spread the word about how accessible these gifts are!

A world of thanks to all of you!