Yogatta Be Kidding Me! She’s Back! (EP 60)

Rejoining Karen and Kelly for this week’s Coffee with the Sarlos is their dear friend Amanda Cooley of Ruby Yoga Studio here in North Bay, Ontario. The ladies sit back down together to dive further into the importance of yoga for the human body and how it is related to our energies.

Important differentiation is made between yoga and physiotherapy to help listeners understand the benefits of both, especially when the two overlap or follow one another. Karen and Kelly take their turns posing questions to their yogini friend about misperceptions involved with the practice of yoga and meditation and meditations’ link to yoga. They also explore the body’s reaction to postures (or asanas) that it naturally loves and dislikes and what that can mean for your future practice.

Remember you can submit your questions and comments for Amanda and the Sarlo ladies to Enjoy!

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